Week 10 – Youtube and Podcasts

Thing 23 – YouTube

YouTube is probably the biggest and most well known of the online video sites. You should already be fairly familiar with Youtube since this course has been jam packed with Youtube video.

Go to YouTube and do some searching to see what is out there.

You’ll find everything from vintage Top of the Pops to extreme ironing (for a bizarre sock puppet take on Doctor Who and Torchwood try searching for “Randy Weasel”!). If you have been a particular fan of all of the ‘Plain English’ vids we’ve been watching, the makers also have a ‘Zombies in Plain English’ video which you might find amusing. You’ll also learn some important skills that will be useful come zombie take over.

Youtube also has a further  interactive element since members can ‘like’ and comment on the videos submitted. Just for giggles, try looking for a video that may be a controvercial topic and have a read of the comments. If you’re not sure, Xfactor is always a good bet – Ice Ice Baby??

Extra Credit – Pieces of Flair

Search YouTube and find something worth adding as an entry in your blog. It might be something you’ve found helpful, something you think is cute or a clip from your favourite programma. Add the video to your blog by copying  the URL  in the box to the right of the actual video clip, then open your blog post and click on the ‘Add Video’ button next to ‘Upload/Insert’. From there click on the ‘From URL’ tab and paste the URL into the box. Huzzah! your vid is added!

Thing 24 – Podcasts

Podcast is a former word of the month in the Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary.

Podcasts take many forms, from short 1-10 minute commentaries to much longer in person interviews or panel group discussions. There’s a podcast out there for just about every interest area and the best part about this technology is that you don’t have to have an iPod or a MP3 player to access them. Since podcasts use the MP3 file format,  you really just need a PC (or portal device) with headphones or a speaker.

(Apple Ipod Generations by Brendan Wilkinson)

Some popular podcast directories which don’t have software to download include:

Extra Credit – Pieces of Flair

Take a look at some of the podcast directories out there and see if you can find a podcast that interests you. Add the RSS feed for your podcast to your blog.


One Response to Week 10 – Youtube and Podcasts

  1. Well, I’ve finally added the RSS feed for a BBC podcast to my blog, but not without some adventures along the way. All of the podcast directories in WEEK 10 have developed various problems. podcastdirectory.com wants people to register. Podcatalley and podcastdirectory.org both click to page cannot be displayed, although Podcatalley is on Google as Podcast Alley. And InTech has blocked bbc.podcast.com. However they have missed http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/ which is still accessible.
    On the YouTube front I couldn’t get the directions to work for adding a video to a blog. I think maybe a step is missing. I substituted en.support.wordpress.com/videos/youtube/ and am now the proud host(ess) of a couple of Suffolk carthorses clip clopping along in the New? Forest. Very restful!

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