Week 4 – Flickr

Thing 9 – Find our about Flickr!

Flickr is a photosharing website. Basically it is one of many different websites (but arguably the best!) that people can use to store their digital photos to save space on their computer. On top of that, while they’re there it makes the pics nice and easy to share with other people too. People on Flickr can tag their pictures, making them easy to find as well as linking them to other similar pictures. Users can also add their photos to groups, making the Flickr experience a totally social one.

Take a look at this video to find out why one might want to use Flickr:

And slightly more inventive uses for marketing such as this library’s virtual new stock displays linked to the library catalogue… click on the link to see how it works.


Westmont Public Library

To find out more about Flickr take the Flickr Magical Mystery Tour

To discover how amazing some Flickr community are, expore photos added in the last seven days

Thing 10 – Upload photos to Flickr

For this Thing you need a digital camera. Use your own, borrow someone elses… as long as you have the camera and the cable for it, you’re sorted.

You’ve got the camera? Good – now do this:

  1. Take some pictures of you or your surroundings, something you like, something of yours… basically something that describes you. Anything you like. Feel free to be creative 😀
  2. Upload your pictures to a PC/mac/laptop
  3. Visit Flickr and log on to our 25Things account with these details: username – huddsref25things password – twentyfive
  4. Click on ‘Upload Photos and Video’ to upload your pictures to the 25things Flickr account
  5. Give them appropriate titles
  6. Tag them with your location and ’25things’ as well as anything else appropriate.

Whoop! You’ve added a photo to Flickr 😀

When adding photos to Flickr (or anywhere else) please keep in mind a bit of photo etiquette –

  • Don’t upload a photo taken by someone else without their express permission
  • If you add someone else’s picture, acknowledge them as the artist in the caption
  • Don’t put photos of other people on the internet without their permission (for this exercise avoid the public!)
  • Don’t take or change anyone else’s images – copyright applies as usual

Thing 11 – Make it social

Tags Explore popular tags here to see what has been uploaded recently and discover how tags group linked images between Flickr users. If you haven’t tagged your photo yet, do it now by clicking on your photo (make sure you’re logged in!),  Add a Tag. Then add your tags!

Groups – Explore groups by searching for some keywords here. There are groups for EVERYTHING. A nice starting place might be Cats in Hats, What’s in Your Fridge, or Shatner. Now join a group that is related to your flickr picture in some way by searching for a group and clicking on Join (make sure you’re logged in to Flickr!). Then, add your photo to the group you’ve joined by clicking on your photo, then on Actions, then clicking on Add to/Remove from Group. From here select the group you would like to add your photo to and add it! Well, done – you’ve added your photo to a group 😀

Places – An extra clever feature on Flickr is how you can search for pictures by the location they were taken. Explore places here. When you’ve had a good look around, add your Flickr photo to the map. Do this by clicking on your photo, then on Actions, then clicking on Add to Your Map. This will bring up a map so that you can drag and drop your picture into your desired location. Use the search box on the map to find the town or village you’d like to add your picture to. Hooray! you’ve added your picture to a map 😀

Extra Credit – Geek Chic

For more about copyright issues check out the Creative Commons Website

Extra Credit – Pieces of Flair

Add one of the pictures you have taken to your blog post when you write up about your Flickr experiences.  You can either add it from your computer or Flickr. Click on the ‘add an image’ icon above your blog posting box. If need a hint click here

Extra Credit – Pieces of Flair

To make your blog extra swish try adding a flickr widget – this will man any new pictures uploaded to the 25Things Flickr page will be shown on your blog to be appreciated by all, via lovely RSS. Its easy peasy, just like first widget you added 😀

Extra Credit – Peachy Keen Jelly Bean

Love Flickr so much you want your account? Join up then! It’s super easy and here’s a video to help…

“Remember to write a short blog post about this week’s activities… How did you get on? How are you feeling about 25 Things? Is it getting easier/harder? Finding any of the things you have learned so far useful? We’re DYING to know! You could even leave a comment here if you like!”


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