Week 3 – Social Bookmarking and Tagging

Tag Cloud

“Tagging” is a way of organising things (such as blog posts, links or photos) by assigning them ‘key words’. Tagging is really a simple way of cataloguing your internet stuff.

So, for example, say you’re writing a blog about your cats Alfie, Alvin and Alexis. Some days you write about Alfie, other days you write about Alexis, and others still you write about Alvin and Alexis together. If evey time you write a blog post about Alfie you tag it with the key word ‘Alfie’, later on when you have lots of posts, if you want to bring up all the posts about Alfie you’d just click on the ‘Alfie’ tag and there you go – all the posts about Alfie are there in front of you for you to see. Any posts not tagged with ‘Alfie’ will be hidden out of the way. Cool yes?

‘Tagging’ is also a useful way of saving links to webpages you find useful then cataloguing them so that you can easily find again. This is called ‘Social Bookmarking’. It’s ‘Bookmarking’ since you’re bringing together and saving all of your favourite pages, and it’s ‘Social’ because you can share your bookmarks with other people.

Get it? Maybe some more help is needed…

Thing 6 – Find out about Social Bookmarking and Tagging

This video will help you get started –

Thing 7 – Start Using Delicious

So you’ve got a basic idea of why social book marking is useful and how the social element works. Once you get into it, social bookmarking is very useful. To get you started you’re going to set up accounts with two social book marking sites.

The Social side of Delicious

First, check out just how ‘social’ social bookmarking can be by playing with some tags…

  1. Visit Delicious and and click on the ‘explore tags’ tab.
  2. In the tag search box (handily designed to look like a luggage tag!) type in a word you you’re interested in and you think people may have used as a tag. I’m going to chose cupcakes.
  3. Click on the green arrow and see all of the links other delicious users have tagged! Someone has tagged these links because they think useful or just plain excellent for some reason. Maybe you will think so too 😀
  4. Next to some of the links you’ll see a number in a blue box. This number is the number of people who have tagged that particular link with that particular tag. The idea is that the more people that have tagged a link with the tag that you’re looking for, the more likely the link is to be useful to you. Basically by tagging a link with ‘cupcakes’ people are recommending that link to other people who might be interested in cupcakes. See how social this tagging thing is?!

Now you’ve seen how awesome tagging can be, surely you’re dying to start using it for yourself…

Start Tagging! Sign up to Delicious

  1. Click here to find out a little more about Delicious. Then click here to set up  Delicious account and start tagging. Tip – To set up a Delicious account you will need a Yahoo ID. If you already have a Yahoo account you can use this or if you’d rather, you can set up a new one. Its just the same as setting up any email account and will take 5 minutes. Once you have a Yahoo ID you need to use this to log into Delicious.
  2. Now you can start saving and tagging links! Tip – you don’t need to download the bookmarking tools available to save links. Just click on ‘Save a new bookmark’ then copy and paste the URl of the site you’d like to save.

Here’s another video just in case you need a little more help:

Extra Credit – Pieces of Flair

You guessed it! You can link your Delicious bookmarks to your blog using one of those damn fancy ‘widgets’. You should be a pro at this by now so give it a go!

Thing 8 – Start Using Google Bookmarks

Google Bookmarks – you don’t need to sign up for this since you can use the Google account you set up in week 2. Just click here and log in. You can then get started straight away by clicking on ‘Add bookmark’ at the bottom of the screen. Tip – ‘tags’ are called ‘labels’ here!

Extra credit – ‘Web Savvy’ 2

Because Google Bookmarks is linked to your Google account you can set your Bookmarks as a widget on your iGoogle page, making them nice and easy to find. If you’re not sure how to do that take a look back at week 2.

Leisure Rules

Because librarians can be cool when they want to be…

“Remember to write a short blog post about this week’s activities… How did you get on? How are you feeling about 25 Things? Is it getting easier/harder? Finding any of the things you have learned so far useful? We’re DYING to know! You could even leave a comment here if you like!”


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