So you’re a little lacking in confidence? Worry not, we’ll take it nice and slow…

We’ll start you off with Blogger, a free online blog hosting service thingy that is  super dooper simple. 

 Step 1: Go to the Blogger website

Step 2: If you have a google login sign in with this at the top of the page. if not, click on “create your own blog” and create an account by filling in the form. Remember you can call it whatever you want! Make sure you make a note of your username and password and blog address…

Step 3: Keep clicking to move through the pages, choose a template etc. You should whiz through it in about 5 minutes.

Step 4: Add a new post to your blog to introduce yourself to everyone. You can be boring and talk about work, or a bit more interesting and tell us the names of your pets… anything really! For an example have a look at my blog “Its All About Amy”. Find it at the top of the list of blogs on the left of the screen.

If you need a bit of help try watching this –

Once you’re done, click here to return to week 1 and register your blog.


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