Week 1 – Web 2.0 and Blogging!

Thing 1 – Discover why an informal approach is good 😀

The first thing to learn about 25 Things is that while we’re going to give you the basics to read and watch, the way to get the most out of these modules is to play. For each topic we encourage you to explore, discover… to click on things when you don’t know what they do – Oh my word the risk!


25 Things is self-directed and pretty unstructured – this blog will point you in the direction of where to explore and you go ahead and look around.  We want you to PLAY!

If you choose to follow the programme in weeks, each week the work should take around one hour (without the bonus bits), but you will be able to make it last as long as you like – you are in control of your learning.

This video goes a little way into explaining why this is a good thing:

If you get stuck, the answer to what to do will (for the most part) be on the screen in front of you, you just need to look really well. If you can’t see it, the site you’re looking at will have a ‘help’ section you can consult. If you’re still stuck, visit the Help I’m Stuck! section.

All of the stuff you’ll be introduced to are things considered to be part of  “Web 2.0” so the next thing might be for us to…

Thing 2 – Learn more about Web 2.0

Watch this video for a quick introduction to Web 2.0:

Thing 3 – Blogging


People blog because they want to share with others. They may share their opinions, rants on particular topics, or news from a holiday. They may even have a professional blog where they share views on their work, share new things they might be useful to people doing similar work as them, keep in contact with other people doing the kind of work they do, promote their work to strangers… or they may just want to have a bitch about their work. One of my favourites is The Polite Librarian.

Need more?

As you’ve just seen there are lots of reasons for having a blog and as many different styles of blogging as there are reasons to blog. However all of these reasons are in some way linked to communication and sharing.

Set up YOUR blog

As we know, one of the best ways to learn about something is to give it a go! So, we’re going to throw you in at the deep end and ask you to create your own blog!

NB: If at this point you’re worrying about having to give out personal details, having a web presence, people reading what you write… anything like that. Have a quick read of this information about privacy and worry no longer

If you’re planning to do the full version of 25Things we’d like you to use your blog as a place to record your thoughts, feelings and experiences of the programme.

Once you have set up your blog, post the URL (web address) as a comment at the end of this post and you will find yourself (after a bit) listed down the left hand side of this blog. This is so other 25Things Disciples can easily find your blog and you can find theirs. We’d like you to take time as you do the programme to visit their blogs and read their posts, comment on what they have written etc. Be sociable and learn from each other!

The BIG QUESTION now is – How are you feeling about setting up a blog?

Click on the link that most describes you at this moment in time:

“I’m worried setting up a blog will be too hard: something simple for me please!”

“I’m quietly confident: give me the something slightly more complicated with lots more potential for cool stuff”

You’ve now set up a blog? Excellent. Now you need to register your blog.

Registering your Blog

Copy the url (address) of the blog YOU have created (this can be found in the address bar on the page from which you are viewing your blog) and paste it into a comment at the end of this page.

Once you have registered your blog I will add it to the blogroll here on the 25 Things blog. The blogs your colleagues set up are good places to gain inspiration and support each other via the comments section in the individual blogs. Find them on the left hand side of the screen.

Extra Credit – Pieces of Flair

Personalise your blog’s appearance by chosing a different theme or template –  just look for the bit marked’Layout’ or ‘Appearance’ then look for the link about themes or templates and search for one you like. If you choose a theme or template with a custom header you could even upload a picture from your computer.

Remember – if in doubt just click on it – you can always use the back button!

Whoop Whoop you’ve finished week 1 of 25Things 😀

Remember to add a few lines to your blog to tell us how you did and leave a comment below if you like too!

Extra Credit – Leisure Rules

Just because 😀

“Remember to write a short blog post about this week’s activities… How did you get on? How are you feeling about 25 Things? Is it getting easier/harder? Finding any of the things you have learned so far useful? We’re DYING to know! You could even leave a comment here if you like!”


4 Responses to Week 1 – Web 2.0 and Blogging!

  1. Yo yo yo! Here is where you post your URLs for registering.

  2. jairzhinio says:

    always wondered how to start a blog seems as if everyone has one nowadays, much easier than I expected but good fun enjoyed it loads, and the web sites really well thought out me thinks…

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