Week 9 – Custom Search

Search engines are great right? We use them all the time now. Anything at all you can’t think of the answer to, are wondering about, want to find out about – we Google it. The only thing is, sometimes you end up with soooo many results. Literally millions. Digging through all of that can take so long, it can be distracting… basically it’s rubbish.

Everyone has sites they prefer to use. Either because they are more interesting, more relevant, more reliable or maybe you just prefer their style. Just imagine if you could search with Google and only get results from those sites. That would be amazing right?! But, alas, that sounds like it could never happen, and even if you could – surely it has to be a really hard thing to do?

No Way!! It’s called Google Custom Search and it’s super easy!!

Thing 21 – Create a Custom Search Engine

With Google’s custom search facility you can create your own search box, add only sites you want to search and then you can put the search box wherever you like! Your site, your blog… the possibilities are endless…

Watch this to find out how…


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