The Things!

"I dunno what the hell's in there, but it's weird and p*ssed off, whatever it is"

This is where you can find all 25 of the Things! The weeks are split up into handy week sizes chunks for your viewing pleasure.

Although they are designed to last about an hour a week (without the option extras such as the pimping of the blogs, keeping in mind the pace that you work at) feel free to work at whatever pace you choose. You don’t have to wait to whole week to go to the next section if you don’t want to!

Not wanting to commit 10 hours?

You can use 25 Things in a number of ways:

  • Do all 25 things in order as intended and you’ll end up with a marvellous relationship with Web 2.0 this approach is ideal for a Web 2.0 newbie wanting a nice fat overview.
  • Jump around to the Things you’re interested in and skip those you don’t want. You can always find out about those later.
  • Just read the text and watch the vids but skip the exercises for a quick blast through. You’ll miss the ‘play’ bit which is very dull of you but you’ll get the jist.

Click on the following links to visit the ‘Week’. Easy as pie isn’t it…

Week 1 –  Web 2.0 & Blogging

  • Learn why learning through play, exploration and experimentation is a good thing…
  • Learn what we mean by web 2.0 and why web 2.0 is a good thing…
  • Learn about blog and blogging
  • Create your own blog

Week 2 – RSS

  • Learn about RSS and why it’s useful
  • Start using Googlereader to keep up with sites
  • Learn how to subscribe to sites

Week 3 – Social Bookmarking & Tagging

  • Learn how tagging works
  • Learn how social bookmarking works
  • Find out how tagging can be social
  • Start using Delicious
  • Start using Google Bookmarks

Week 4 – Flickr

  • Learn about Flickr
  • Upload photos to Flickr
  • Be social with Flickr

Week 5 – Wikis

  • Learn about Wikis
  • Explore Wikipedia
  • Add content to a Wiki
  • Create your own Wiki

Week 6 – Social Networking

  • Learn about Social Networking and its benefits
  • Learn about Facebook
  • Join and explore Facebook
  • Learn about Twitter
  • Join and expolre Twitter

Week 7 – Maps

  • Explore Googlemaps
  • Find out about ‘Streetview’
  • Learn how to make a custom map
  • Explore Google Earth

Week 8 – Creating Web Space

Week 9 – Custom Search Engines

Week 10 – Youtube & Podcasts