The times they are a-chaaanging…

Just a quick note to say that we’re making 25Things more ‘ready for public consumption’ we’ll be tinkering with the site content. Nothing major so don’t panic! Any problems comment here and I’ll try and help. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes…

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New Blogroll added

As some of you realised and I did not, when I changed the layout of 25 things the links to participants blogs on the front page were lost. Sorry – my bad. Thank you for pointing it out – now rectified. There is now a blogroll added to the front page of 25 Things.

A blogroll is just the name for a list of links to blogs. Or indeed a list of links to anything at all. To save you from being left without links to other people’s blogs again, here are some instructions on how to add a blogroll to your own blog.

I think I will add this to one of the ‘pimp my blog’ sections in the 25 Things.

Making your own blogroll

  1. You’ll find your blogroll in the ‘widgets’ section of your blog dashboard. Go to widgets and drag and drop the blogroll widget to the right of the screen, then save.
  2. Go back to your dashboard and visit the ‘links’ menu. Click on ‘add new’. Put the name of the blog/link in the ‘display name’ box and the URL of the link in the ‘link box. Select the ‘blogroll’ option by clicking in the box and select the ‘open in new window’ option by clicking in the circle. Save this and the link will appear in your new blogroll.

If these instructions were to quick for you, here are a couple of videos to help you along:

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Registering your blog

Thank you Kathryn for pointing out that ‘registering your blog’ was a bit difficult to follow. I’ve tweaked Week one to make it a bit easier for peeps. Thats the only news I have! What a boring post. I’m actually ashamed of myself…

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Shuffle shuffle…

As you can see, dear readers (if you are indeed out there) I have had a move about of the stuff on here and changed the look a mite. What do you reckon? Its all basically still there just in different spots. And there is more colour involved, which Kev hates. 😀

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Have you a free 10 mins? I’d value your opinion on Blogger v WordPress


If you have a few minutes spare would you mind playing referee for me please?

I like WordPress. I like it a lot. I’m not a fan of Blogger. So, I chose WordPress to host this blog and decided to introduce you guys to WordPress too. I think you’ve all done pretty well but you have met the occasional  stumbling block. So, I’m having a re-think. Maybe future generations of “25 Things Disciples” (henceforth known as “TTDs”) would prefer to use Blogger. I don’t really like Blogger but then, this isn’t about what I like is it now.

First let me summerise my thoughts about WordPress and Blogger, in terms we’re all sure to recognise:

Blogger V WordPress

Blogger is our Rocky – a good stalwart, reliable, gets the job done. But, he’s a bit simple, a might predictable and not too pretty.

However, simple in this instance could actually be a good thing right? And do you guys care if your blogs only have limited looks, don’t have as cool widgets etc?

WordPress is our Russian dude – big, clever, and mighty fine to look at. He works hard and does the job with added flair and grace. As hard as you push, you’ll never reach the height of his talents. Basically WordPress has all the functionality of a Russian Communist and the looks of a hunk. But, all this added function makes him a little complicated (almost as if he’s sometimes speaking Russian?! That’s an analogy too far isn’t it 😦 )  Do the beginners need the plain English of Blogger?

Please decide for me!

Would you kindly nip over to Blogger for me and take a wee poke around. You can sign in with thereflibrary@googlemail, ultimatesearch 

I’ve written a post to get you started and explain what I need from you.

Many thanks,

Amy x

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Spoilers is now “The Weeks”

Hello Ladies and Gents, following our discussion at the Ref meeting the weeks will be accessed only by the ‘spoilers’ link at the top of the page. Since it thus won’t really contain spoilers as such I will be giving this link a catchy new name… “The Weeks”. Clever huh? No… not really, but you cannot argue that it is not descriptive!

I will now use this front page to keep you up to date with any changes, possibly post my favourite bits from your blogs, etc etc.

Hope you’re all getting on ok! Remember to let me know you’re alright on your blogs…

Amy x

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Week 3 – Social Bookmarking and Tagging

Tagging is an open and informal method of categorising things that allows users to associate keywords with online content (webpages, pictures & blog posts). Its a useful way of saving links to webpages you find useful then cataloguing them so that you can easily find again.

Thing 6 – Find out about Social Bookmarking and Tagging

This video will help you get started –

Thing 7 – Set up a Delicious Account

So you’ve got a basic idea of why social book marking is useful and how the social element works. Once you get into it, social bookmarking is very useful. To get you started you’re going to set up accounts with two social book marking sites.


  1. Click here to find out a little more about Delicious. Then click here to set up  Delicious account and start tagging. Tip – To set up a Delicious account you will need a Yahoo ID. If you already have a Yahoo account you can use this or if you’d rather, you can set up a new one. Its just the same as setting up any email account and will take 5 minutes. Once you have a Yahoo ID you need to use this to log into Delicious.
  2. Now you can start saving and tagging links! Tip – you don’t need to download the bookmarking tools available to save links. Just click on ‘Save a new bookmark’ then copy and paste the URl of the site you’d like to save.

Here’s another video just in case you need a little more help:


Extra Credit – ‘Pimp My Blog’

You guessed it! You can link your Delicious bookmarks to your blog using one of those damn fancy ‘widgets’. You should be a pro at this by now so give it a go!

Thing 8 – Start Using Google Bookmarks

Google Bookmarks – you don’t need to sign up for this since you can use the Google account you set up in week 2. Just click here and log in. You can then get started straight away by clicking on ‘Add bookmark’ at the bottom of the screen. Tip – ‘tags’ are called ‘labels’ here!

Extra credit – ‘Web Savvy’ 2

Because Google Bookmarks is linked to your Google account you can set your Bookmarks as a widget on your iGoogle page, making them nice and easy to find. If you’re not sure how to do that take a look back at week 2.

“Remember to write a short blog post about this week’s activities… How did you get on? How are you feeling about 25 Things? Is it getting easier/harder? Finding any of the things you have learned so far useful? We’re DYING to know!”

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