What about Privacy?

Q. I don’t feel comfortable signing up for accounts and stuff – I have to give them my personal information don’t I??

A. Everything you sign up to needs some personal information but, have you ever thought about whether this needs to be YOUR personal information?

Riddle me this: Does Hotmail/Facebook/Whatever have any way of checking you’re not Fallulah Flops, born in Wetwang on the 9th of September 1990?

Answer – NO! Still feeling paranoid? Set up a random anon email address, then use that to set up your other accounts! (They’re behind you btw)

Q. I don’t feel comfortable with other people reading my blog, can I participate anonymously?

Yes and No. Since you control all the information that you share on your blog, you can choose to use a screen name to keep yourself anonymous. But, we’ll probably be able to guess who you are anyway :P

Lots of people blog anonymously. It’s nothing new… When you’re blogging, you can adopt any persona you like. Some people have written from a cat’s perspective.

(keyboard kat by The Flooz)

Q. But like, if I sign up to Facebook isn’t everyone going to be able to stalk every move I make and make my life an all living all breathing all feeling HELL?

A. OK this answer is in a few parts:

  1. You could sign up to facebook using a pseudonym (see above point) then nobody will be able to find you, unless you tell them your pseudonym. That’s really not much fun at all but it’s an option, and I suppose it means you get a chance to be creative…
  2. Even if you use your own name and people find you and try to add you as a friend, people can’t be your friend without you saying it’s a-ok and you only add people you want to be friends with right? The others you just deny them and hope they’re not too offended…
  3. Assuming you’ve used your own name so people can find you, and you’ve accepted all the friend requests from every Tom, Dick and Harry that asked, people can only see the information that you put on your facebook. Don’t put it, they won’t see it! Kapeesh?
  4. Basically, get your privacy settings sorted and you can be as private as you like. Check it out here
  5. If you set it up and your life does indeed become this Hell thing – just delete your account innit! What’s there to panic about really.
  6. One last tip (and if you’re a mum/dad/son/daughter, which you are bound to be, please don’t be offended by this) DO NOT under ANY circumstances friend your parents/children. You will live to regret it! Wondering why? Exibit A,  Exibit B
  7. OK, one more – Don’t friend your boss either!

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