Frequently Asked Questions

I Have a Question…

Still unsure about something to do with 25 Things? Hopefully you will find the answer right here… if not, check the Help section. If that’s no good, comment below and I will come to the rescue.

Q. Do I have to be part of Kirklees or Huddersfield to use this? Cos I’m not…

A. Nope! You don’t have to be a member of Kirklees Staff, a member of Kirklees Libraries, a Kirklees resident…Anyone can use it, no problem at all. Feel free to pass it on to any interested folks. We’re very welcoming!

Q. What are the Things and how will I know what to do?

A. Check out the link “The Things”. On that page there are 10 links, one for each week you’ll be doing 25Things. Each week there are different things. Over the course of 10 weeks you will complete 25Things. Each week as a link containing nice palatable chunks of Things, just for you.

That’s the intended use. But, as we know, things rarely go as they were intended. 25 Things can be used in a variety of ways, as explained in the “What is 25 Things” section. (See tabs)

Q. What if I can’t view one of the things on this blog, such as YouTube?

A. If you’re using a Kirklees PC and you’re blocked for any reason, ask the staff on hand or email Simon ( and he’ll kick some Intech butt.

If you’re on your own PC – uh ohh, we cann’t help!

Q. Are there any rewards?Apart from your personal development? Whatever happened to ‘learning for learning’s sake’ – that’s what I’d like to know…

Q. Is that a film reference?

Probably. I am a massive geek. You really wanna know? OK

Q. But the question I want to ask isn’t here!

A. Then it just hasn’t been asked frequently enough :D Enter it is as a comment below and I’ll try answer.


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