What is “25 things”?

What is your name?… What is your quest?…

“25 Things” is a blog set up and run by librarians at the Reference Library in Huddersfield – aka “Team 25Things”

It was developed to form a nice friendly starting point for anyone who wanted to learn about new fangled internet technologies such as social networking, blogs, wikis and other bits and pieces we think you might find useful.

With 25Things we aim to:

  • Introduce learners to the basics of some of the most popular and useful web 2.0 applications, including the basic elements of what the applications are, how they can be utilised and how to use them.
  • Put the learner in control of their own learning.
  • Encourage exploration and learning through discovery.
  • Help the learner gain confidence by encouraging a hands on approach to learning.
  • Develop problem solving skills by encouraging learners to find solutions through exploration and utilising their internet search skills.

We have called our programme “25 Things” because over the course of 10 weeks  you will be asked to do 25 things. We would kick ass at ‘Catchphrase‘.

How does 25 Things work?

Team 25 Things” are all about encouraging our disciples to learn through exploration and PLAY. There (probably) won’t be any classes or workshops to show you this stuff. There definatley won’t be any point and click rubbish. Instead, “25 Things Disciples” are encouraged to work together and share with each other your discoveries, techniques and problems, both in person and through your blogs.

This sounds a lot like a course…

It is not! 25 Things is designed to introduce you to the new fangled interweb stuff so you can look at it, poke around in it and have a see how it works. We’re unstructured, we’re easy to get along with and we’re all about learning through play. It’s gonna be fun times, I swear to you.

You can use 25 Things in a number of ways:

  • Do all 25 things in order as intended and you’ll end up with a marvellous relationship with Web 2.0. This approach is ideal for a Web 2.0 newbie wanting a nice fat overview.
  • Jump around to the Things you’re interested in and skip those you don’t want. You can always find out about those later.
  • Just read the text and watch the vids but skip the exercises for a quick blast through. You’ll miss the ‘play’ bit which is very dull of you but you’ll get the jist.

Why would I want to learn this stuff anyway? I’m getting along just fine without it…

“Why would any person want to use this ungainly and impractical device when he can send a messenger to a local telegraph office and have a clear written message sent to any large city in the United States?”

– From the report to the President of Western Union written by the committee charged with investigating WU’s potential purchase of Bell’s telephone patent for $100,000

Blogs, social networking, these are all things that are changing the way people access information and communicate with each other. They’re changing things for the better too – email is not the only way! Whether you want to be one of the cool gang, have an easier life or merely be down with the kidz, learning about this stuff is a good idea, I promise.

Will I ever use this stuff? Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life…

This stuff will make your life easier! We’re not sure how just yet, that’s up to you to figure out. We just want to show you all this cool stuff and get you to see for yourself how it’s useful. Not all of it will be for you, but some of it will and it will become invaluable. It might not make sense right now but you’ll work it out.

Yeah, I don’t get it. I need more info…

If you’ve got any questions, check to see if they’re covered on the FAQ page. If you’re stuck try the Help! I’m Stuck! page.

Ok, I’m ready. Give it to me!

Are you sure? Awesome. Please click here


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  1. Brian says:

    just joining with the training at St James, maybe we’ll get to know the names of all the people in the room by the end of the session.

  2. jobroadley says:


    Hello there. Now that wasnt too bad was it????

    • jackysblog says:

      Hi Joanne, Its Sunday eve and I have now set up my blog – its called jackysblog. Much quicker than it was on Friday. Have you altered the appearance of your blog? Maybe I will try looking at it.

  3. Alison says:

    So who have we got so far….
    Jo, Brian, Ali, Linda, (me)… 3 more mystery people to go

  4. Brian says:

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  5. Brian says:

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  6. jacqueline12345 says:

    not been able to registeer my blog any help???

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Jacky, top register you just need to post the URL as a comment here!

  7. Brian says:

    here’s another website to look at, still in its early days of development;
    let us know what you think

  8. Jacky Thomas says:

    Sunday and I have now set up my blog so am feeling a bit more positive than Friday. So what do I do next????? Has anyone altered the layout of their blog page?

    • Hi Jacky,
      have you linked the address of your blog on here so I can add it to the front page of this blog with everyone elses?

      have a play around with the appearance and see how you get on. there’s an ‘appearances’ button that will get you started.

      If you need a bit more help try searching on youtube for video tutorials of how to chance the appearance of a wordpress blog.

      If that seems a bit scary at the moment, leave it for now and move onto the next section. you can come back and tart the blog up when you’re feeling a bit more confident, yes?

  9. martinphelps says:

    Hope this works. I don’t feel too clear about this bit. I’ve set up my blog at wordpress.com and that’s all fine. I’m just not quite clear about the next process of linking/ posting my blog to the “25 things” page, but I will try this.

  10. martinphelps says:

    Oops, A little mistake there, I think.
    Let’s try http://martinphelps.wordpress.com instead!

  11. kevjohn says:

    Not as straightforward as I imagined it might be.


  12. elainebates says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Hello Elaine,
      I’m just testing out the reply function.
      Hopefully you will receive this ok.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello Sheila Just thought I would test this and say hello because I haven’t seen you much recently. Elaine

  13. STANLEY LAUREL says:

    Manged to add another page to my blog, a little bit about me.

  14. elainebates says:

    Hello everyone. Just practising to see if I am getting the hang of this.

    • shiel88 says:

      Hi , like your name, very horticultural, gardening time is nearly upon us again must get started early this year! Thanks for your help understanding the blog procedure yesterday.

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