New Blogroll added

As some of you realised and I did not, when I changed the layout of 25 things the links to participants blogs on the front page were lost. Sorry – my bad. Thank you for pointing it out – now rectified. There is now a blogroll added to the front page of 25 Things.

A blogroll is just the name for a list of links to blogs. Or indeed a list of links to anything at all. To save you from being left without links to other people’s blogs again, here are some instructions on how to add a blogroll to your own blog.

I think I will add this to one of the ‘pimp my blog’ sections in the 25 Things.

Making your own blogroll

  1. You’ll find your blogroll in the ‘widgets’ section of your blog dashboard. Go to widgets and drag and drop the blogroll widget to the right of the screen, then save.
  2. Go back to your dashboard and visit the ‘links’ menu. Click on ‘add new’. Put the name of the blog/link in the ‘display name’ box and the URL of the link in the ‘link box. Select the ‘blogroll’ option by clicking in the box and select the ‘open in new window’ option by clicking in the circle. Save this and the link will appear in your new blogroll.

If these instructions were to quick for you, here are a couple of videos to help you along:

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