Have you a free 10 mins? I’d value your opinion on Blogger v WordPress


If you have a few minutes spare would you mind playing referee for me please?

I like WordPress. I like it a lot. I’m not a fan of Blogger. So, I chose WordPress to host this blog and decided to introduce you guys to WordPress too. I think you’ve all done pretty well but you have met the occasional  stumbling block. So, I’m having a re-think. Maybe future generations of “25 Things Disciples” (henceforth known as “TTDs”) would prefer to use Blogger. I don’t really like Blogger but then, this isn’t about what I like is it now.

First let me summerise my thoughts about WordPress and Blogger, in terms we’re all sure to recognise:

Blogger V WordPress

Blogger is our Rocky – a good stalwart, reliable, gets the job done. But, he’s a bit simple, a might predictable and not too pretty.

However, simple in this instance could actually be a good thing right? And do you guys care if your blogs only have limited looks, don’t have as cool widgets etc?

WordPress is our Russian dude – big, clever, and mighty fine to look at. He works hard and does the job with added flair and grace. As hard as you push, you’ll never reach the height of his talents. Basically WordPress has all the functionality of a Russian Communist and the looks of a hunk. But, all this added function makes him a little complicated (almost as if he’s sometimes speaking Russian?! That’s an analogy too far isn’t it 😦 )  Do the beginners need the plain English of Blogger?

Please decide for me!

Would you kindly nip over to Blogger for me and take a wee poke around. You can sign in with thereflibrary@googlemail, ultimatesearch 

I’ve written a post to get you started and explain what I need from you.

Many thanks,

Amy x

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