Week 2 – RSS

This week is all about keeping up with other people’s blogs using RSS. RSS is sybolised by this big orange symbol you’ve probably seen dotted all over the internet.

It pops up on blogs, news sites, general websites – anywhere really – and it denotes that you can subscribe to the site via RSS to keep a track on updates. Instead of having to check all the sites you’re interested in to find out if they have been updated with something new, with RSS the sites come to you when they have something new!

You do this via an RSS reader. Watch this simple explanation…

Thing 4 – Setting up a Googlereader

Click here to visit Googlereader. Do you have a Google account or a google mail? If you do, you can log in with that. If you don’t (or you do and you’d rather have a new one especially for 25Things) click on ‘Create an Account’ in order to get a login. Then sign in to Googlereader.

Easy peasy!

Thing 5 – Add subscriptions to your Googlereader

Watch this to find out how!

Now use your newfound knowledge to subscribe to the blogs of your colleagues (listed in the blogroll on this site) so that you can keep up with how they’re getting on.

If you see anything interesting feel free to visit their blog and comment! Remember to write up what you’ve done, how you’re getting on and stuff on your blog. If everyone else has completed this task your post will pop up in their reader 😀

Extra credits – “Pimp My Blog” 2

Add an RSS widget to your blog and subscribe to this 25Things blog using RSS. Look for the ‘Appearance’ bit of your blog dashboard and click on ‘widgets’. (If you can’t see the ‘appearance’ section click on ‘My Dashboard’ at the top of the screen, then look down the right hand side of the screen at your options).

Drag the RSS widget into your widget bar and save it. Click on the RSS icon at the top of this 25Things blog and copy the URL. Paste the URl into your RSS widget. Check your blog – the feed should be displaying down the side of the screen

Extra Credit – “Web Savvy” 1

The savvier of our readers will have noticed that when you signed up to Googlereader you actually created a Google Account. This account can be used for all sorts of things, and you will indeed be using it for quite a few of your 25things.

To keep all of these applications in check Google have kindly provided us with iGoogle – a tool to personalise your desktop. This is far less scary than it sounds and actually very useful.

Click here for help.

 Have a go at finding iGoogle in your Google Account, then add Googlereader as a one of your gadgets. If you spot any other gadgets you think you might find useful, go ahead and add them. iGoogle is yours to personalise…

If you’re struggling, watch this short vid –

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